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Celebrities in the illuminati


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Celebrities in the illuminati Are Jay Z, Kanye West, and other celebrities in the Illuminati?

Jay-Z and Jamal Crawford make the Roc-A-Fella Records diamond or, to conspiracy theorists, an Illuminati triangle.


We contacted Kanye West and Jay Z`s spokesmen, however they did now no longer go back our request for comment. Jay Z has formerly stated that he thinks rumors of his club withinside the Illuminati are “stupid.” Kanye West has stated it’s “ridiculous.” Of course, to conspiracy theorists, it really is precisely what a member of the Illuminati could say.

In a broader sense, rumors approximately the Illuminati and celebrities talk to their region in our culture. Fenster sees the half-ironic, half-critical accusations of Illuminati club because the modern expression of an vintage American phenomenon. “It marks that Jay Z and Beyoncé appear to stay in a special universe than us,” he says. “They have mystery lives and mystery get entry to that appears reptilian. We note how weird their lives appear to be and the way effective they appear to be.”

Celebrities in the illuminati additionally notes the binds among electricity and conspiracy. “The factor that ties conspiracy theories collectively is they usually factor at a person who’s supposedly effective,” he says. “You in no way pay attention a conspiracy principle approximately the homeless man in the road or a gang of terrible children.”

Both Fenster and lebron james illuminati cited that conspiracy theories can, in lots of ways, constitute real anxieties approximately social problems. In a global, media-pushed world, celebrities constitute a brand new and uncommon shape of electricity that has an as it should be conspiratorial response.


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