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Freemason And Illuminati


Freemason And Illuminati

In Illuminati symbolism, copper represents the Earth and the collective power of the humans who occupy it.

Historians believe that copper was the first metal known to humanity, with evidence of its use dating back over 10,000 years. Since prehistoric times, copper has been associated with strength and harmony, and a natural conductivity that attracts money and prosperity. Even the human body contains copper in muscles, bones, and the brain.

The Illuminati Talisman is a symbol of humanity’s supreme purpose and a beacon to identify others who follow the Light. By wearing this same metal used since the dawn of humankind, a connection is created between you and your ancestors, and the enormous progress made by humanity throughout the ages. It displays a person’s loyalty to the Illuminati and their dedication to the betterment of the human species.


Freemason And Illuminati Conspiracy theories have usually been famous withinside the United States, however for centuries, the Illuminati have been much less feared than the Freemasons. The 1828 Anti-Masonic Party changed into primarily based totally on an competition to the Freemasons, and aleven though the celebration died out, Freemasons remained a focus for paranoia in America. Because the Illuminati recruited many participants in Europe thru Freemason lodges, the 2 organizations are regularly stressed for every other.

To a few degree, Freemason paranoia grew out of the Freemasons` have an effect on withinside the United States. Many Founding Fathers have been members, after all. And a few key American symbols might also additionally had been derived from the Freemasons: There’s a strong argument that the floating eye at the dollar, the Eye of Providence above a pyramid, comes from Freemasonry.

That early Freemason paranoia can assist us recognize the conspiracy theories approximately the Illluminati today. People will use a time period like `Illuminati’ to outline whatever that they do not like that would mission their values,” says Joseph Uscinski, a political scientist on the University of Miami and co-writer of American Conspiracy Theories with Joseph Parent.

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